Made for underwriters by underwriters

FluidTasks is a user-friendly software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, thoughtfully crafted for underwriters, MGAs and program managers. Its primary goal is to streamline the intricate tasks associated with policy administration, as well as the development and introduction of new products.

Why FluidTasks?

With FluidTasks, you can simplify underwriting, from rating to quoting, product development, distribution and binding new business


Grow your insurance business on a budget

Improved Policyholder & Agent Experience
Provide customers and agents with omni-channel experiences allowing them to connect to insurance services from any device, anytime.

Boost Productivity
Provide your team with the necessary tools to easily access data and serve policyholders effectively and save time.

Decide with insight
Use the data you already have to make significant business decisions based on actionable insights.

Give FluidTasks a try first before deciding to buy.

One system for everything

Manage all aspects of your brokerage or underwriting agency in one place. This includes tasks such as tracking and managing policies, client information, and financial data.

Build products faster

Use a simple UI to create products, define rules and rates in a manner that helps you go to market faster, improve turn around time for quotes and minimize underwriting errors.

Receive premiums on time

Take advantage of the shared data and tight integration between underwriting and accounts for faster processing of premiums and claim payments.


Get rid of duplicate work

Underwriters often have to capture the same information several times. The same information in a submission used for underwriting is captured  during quoting, and then again when preparing and issuing a policy. FluidTasks gets rid of this extra work by allowing you to receive quality submissions from brokers and capture underwriting data once.

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