Simplifying Insurance.

A unified view of all your lines of business.

Having a single view of your lines of business, customer & underwriting data can revolutionize your operations. FluidTasks Underwriting is designed to empower insurance professionals with a comprehensive and customizable platform that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and agility in the underwriting process by bringing all operations into one place.


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Industry forms & underwriting wizard

Operate efficiently with easy to use industry forms, pre-configured rates,  guided underwriting to reduce errors, and seamless integration to managing files and billing.


Analytics and Reporting

Access comprehensive and intuitive visual representations of key metrics and performance indicators, enabling informed decision-making, monitoring underwriting performance, and identifying growth opportunities.

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Compliance and Audit Trails

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory obligations by tracking and documenting every action, maintaining comprehensive audit trails, and generating detailed reports.


FluidTasks Underwriting will help you propel your insurance business to the next stage.

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With FluidTasks underwriting, It's Getting Easier To Operate more efficiently.

eyeVisible and Traceable Policyholder Information
Utilize a knowledge graph created for each policyholder for easier access and efficiency.

user-gearManage renewals more efficiently
Automated renewal reminders can be leveraged and potential earnings can be estimated helping brokers or underwriters retain business with each renewal cycle.

infoInformation Handover
Seamlessly handover information and data as modules are integrated, that is, CRM to Underwriting to Billing.

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